Demag DIR infrared control system

Fast induction charging

Demag DIR infrared control system

Tough hand-held transmitter

Demag DIR infrared control system

Safe and reliable control of cranes

Unlimited control

Whatever you need to control with a wireless system, you are always on the safe side with Demag DIR infrared control – for cranes, suspension monorails, transfer carriages or other materials handling equipment. The limited range of approx. 40 m between the transmitter and sensor(s) ensures that operators are always close to the machinery to be controlled and, consequently, they can always keep the area where the machinery is operating in view.

  • Improved safety by means of range limitation
  • Tough hand-held transmitter housing
  • Stop function corresponds to Cat. 3 @ PL ‘d’ to EN 13849-1
  • Tried-and-tested keyboard concept
  • 2-stage DIR hand-held transmitter
  • High-contrast, bicolour display for good overview of device and warning information
  • Improved safety thanks to vibration alarm
  • Long operating periods: approx. 30 hours of operation with one battery charge
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 10 transmitters in an enclosed area
  • Multiple transmitter operation with monitored transmitter switchover
  • No interference or influence on radio systems
  • Reliable communication thanks to state-of-the-art, high-performance IR LEDs
  • The transmitter often does not need to be aligned towards the sensors at close range (up to approx. 15 m)


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