MPW open winch units

Compact, robust, high performance

MPW open winch units

Perfectly matching modules

MPW open winch units

For loads weighing up to 235 tonnes

MPW open winch units

Compact motor, brake and gearbox arrangement

MPW open winch units

High level of safety thanks to additional safety brake


Our MPW (Multi Purpose Winch) open winch crabs are as variable as the needs that they have to meet. Individually configured from reliable system components, they also satisfy the most demanding quality requirements. Their variable configuration makes it possible to implement the most efficient technical solution for your application. Further benefits of MPW open winch units:

  • matching modular components
  • compact arrangement of drive, brake and gearbox
  • high level of safety thanks to a second hoist brake
  • clear interfaces for ease of assembly and maintenance
  • minimum maintenance requirement and easy to service.



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