Try it yourself and see. With us you can experience working life first-hand

Practical experience ideally complements studying. During the course of study, you can complete work experience programmes with us in various departments. Or you start working with us while you are studying – to gain practical experience in projects over the long term. In addition, with us, as part of your thesis you can combine theory and practice and gain detailed insights into a leading mechanical engineering company.

Thanks to our global presence, there is also the opportunity to spend time abroad as part of a placement lasting several weeks or to work on international projects from Germany. Here you will benefit from a globally integrated Human Resources team that knows precisely when and where places are available in projects in India and China for example. Regardless of the location, two weeks of instruction for foreign placements is initially provided in Germany to prepare you for three to six months' working abroad. You are subsequently accompanied and supervised by experienced employees on site.

Work experience and practical experience programmes

The most useful supplement to scientific study is practical experience. It is only by gaining practical hands-on experience that you will find out how to apply what you have learned to real, daily work situations. In this way, you can learn how to apply your theoretical knowledge to link seemingly unrelated issues. In so doing, you will also make contacts in your professional life and thus lay the foundations for a successful career launch.

We offer applicants the opportunity to do work experience and practical experience programmes on request. There are considerable capacities in our design departments suitable for those studying mechanical and electrical engineering.

Working students

As a working student, you can have an ideal start to your professional life with us. If you have completed your preliminary exams and have an idea of the professional area you are interested in, a working student job is the just the thing for you. You will be an integral part of a team and be involved in working actively on "live" projects. During your studies, you will have the chance to make important contacts and gain your first professional experience.

We offer you flexible working time models so you can complete both your work and your studies with 100% commitment.

Dissertations and theses

If you are just about to complete your studies and would like to enhance your dissertation or doctoral thesis with practical experience, read on.

For those studying engineering or economics, we can offer student research projects and dissertations in addition to industrial doctorates.

There are several options available: you can apply for a field of research proposed by us or present us with your own topic. It is often possible to develop a topic together with the departments.


We are pleased you are interested in our company and look forward to receiving your detailed application via our online application form, including the following documents:

  • Application letter including details of the requested or specified training content and the period required
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Current overview of marks or preliminary exam certificates

Your application should reach us no later than three months before the requested start of the work experience programme.



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