Floating cranes

Transloading cargo directly from ship to ship

Mobile harbour cranes

4-rope grabs for high cargo handling rates of up to 1,850 t/h

Portal harbour cranes

For use on special-purpose quays
for professional bulk handling

Process cranes for serving coal stores

Coal mining

Coal is still one of the world’s most important sources of energy. More than 40 per cent of all electricity used in the world is generated with coal. Its extraction is an important sector of the economy, its use forms the backbone of the emerging BRIC economic regions. And the transport of coal all over the world plays a central role in international trade. Just like Terex MHPS – as a reliable partner to many industries.

Fields of application

  • Coal handling
  • Supply sector
  • Serving coal stores

Coal handling

Terex Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes are used for handling goods in ports and terminals of all sizes. Depending on the required cargo handling performance and the share of material made up by bulk, we offer terminal operators two equipment options: universal 2-rope-grab cranes and 4-rope-grab cranes for professional bulk handling. Both crane types are designed for robust, continuous operation under harsh conditions and offer up to 30 per cent higher handling capacity.
Besides the classic design with rubber-tyred chassis, we also supply cranes as rail-mounted machines or as floating cranes for transloading cargo from ship to ship. And with our large range of portal cranes, we always have the right solution to meet the needs of intermodal terminals, too.

Supply sector

Whether for hydraulic excavators, roadway conveyors or filter systems: there are many steps in the production of mining equipment that cannot be accomplished without high-performance lifting equipment. This is why many suppliers to the mining industry count on Demag cranes and hoists.
With good reason.

Serving coal stores

With its automated Demag process cranes and a warehouse management system, we offer complete solutions also for the management of coal stores that are used to serve fuel – e.g. in cement works. In facilities like this, our crane installations store the fuel and ensure that the incinerators are continuously fed.


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