Our product portfolio for ports and terminals:Terex and Terex Gottwald

Terex Port Solutions is part of the Material Handling & Port Solutions business segment of Terex Corporation that supplies customers in ports with a unique combination of machines, software and services under the Terex and Terex Gottwald brands. Whether it is ship-to-shore cranes, reach stackers or fully automated, integrated handling systems for containers and bulk, Terex Port Solutions provides reliable solutions for rapid, safe, efficient handling of all forms of cargo with low downtimes and excellent return on investment.

Ship-to-Shore Cranes

Terex Port Solutions offers ship-to-shore cranes for loading and unloading of ships of all types and classes. Terex® ship-to-shore cranes offer load capacities of up to 80 t for professional container handling in medium to large sized terminals with high handling rates and speeds alongside ships up to Super-Post-Panamax class.

Harbour Cranes

Our state-of-the-art Terex® Gottwald harbour cranes come in various types to provide flexible and economical handling of containers and general, bulk and project cargo alongside ships of all types and sizes. With lifting capacities of up to 200 tonnes and working radii of up to 58 meters, our mobile harbour cranes, portal harbour cranes, floating cranes and rubber-tyred portal harbour cranes provide reliable and efficient operation to meet your container and material handling needs whether on land or at sea.

Straddle Carriers and Sprinter Carriers

We offer a large number of different terminal vehicle types for container transport and storage. These include two portal machines which have much in common, but which are each designed to be optimized for their respective fields of application. For small to medium-sized container terminals in which both container transport and storage are to be handled by one machine type, the Terex straddle carrier, with a stacking height of 1-over-3 containers, is the right choice. In larger and semi-automated container terminals, or where containers only have to be transported quickly from A to B, the lighter, faster variant, the Terex sprinter carrier, is the right solution. Terex sprinter carriers generally work hand-in-hand with Terex stacking cranes of various types, transferring containers to these for further handling.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Terex Port Solutions offers a large number of different terminal vehicle types. These also include unmanned, automated container transport vehicles or AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) which offer ground-breaking solutions for rapid and economical container transport between the harbor quay and the storage area. Terex Port Solutions also supplies management and navigation software to operate the AGVs, and if you include our Terex Gottwald ASC container stacking cranes, then we are the leading global manufacturer in the realization of integrated automated solutions.

Stacking Cranes

We have a wide range of stacking cranes for managing container stacks in terminals of all sizes – in seaports or in the hinterland for intermodal applications. Our Terex® stacking cranes can be adapted to the individual terminal conditions taking rail width, stack height and rail loading into account. We offer manual solutions both with rubber-tired and rail-mounted cranes with rope fields. Our Terex® Gottwald automated stacking cranes (ASCs) are in a class of their own for fully automated stackyard management. As gantry robots with rigid guiding beams and fixed legs , they provide particularly fast and precise container store management with excellent stack density. Besides innovative hardware, we also supply management and control software and solutions for connection to the superordinate terminal software.

Lift Trucks

For the handling of containers and general cargo, Terex Port Solutions offers lift trucks of various types. These make the handling of even the heaviest loads a simple matter – no matter where they are used: in small and medium-sized manual container terminals, intermodal, multi-purpose or special purpose terminals. Wherever they are used, they provide the safe handling of containers and heavy general cargo. Our lift trucks feature innovative drive technology, ergonomic operation and excellent reliability.


Our hoppers are the perfect complement to our harbour cranes when it comes to efficient bulk handling – tailored exactly to individual requirements, in design, execution and equipment levels. For professional bulk handling in combination with harbor cranes.

Planning and consultancy services

In close co-operation with our customers, we develop solutions for complete terminals to meet their specific needs and wishes. Within this complex series of procedures, we provide comprehensive project management from the beginning of the planning stage to final acceptance on site and beyond.

Software solutions

By means of our innovative software packages that are tailored to satisfy individual requirements, we link our products and integrate them into higher-level terminal management, stack and logistics systems.

Fully integrated solutions

Everything from a single source – the outstanding benefit of solutions from Terex Port Solutions. For our customers, we develop fully integrated solutions including our own software and simulation solution and supply them as complete systems.

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